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I <3 Heart   
02:28am 24/05/2004
  .......because i'm ridiculious like that  
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held to tight   
02:34pm 23/05/2004
mood: annoyed
guilt trips are great fun

thanks a lot jerk!
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mad love on a bathroom wall   
05:13pm 21/05/2004
mood: blank
i got all sorts of love on the bathroom walls of lous last night

i'm glad i had to pee before i left
18 and not a thing she could do   
03:21pm 21/05/2004
mood: sad
RIP Chrissy, you will be missed.

No one else is aloud to die, I mean it, NO ONE!
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Low carb snack cake hell   
03:56pm 20/05/2004
mood: drained
599 low carb snack cakes stolen away from the atkins fan club by 7 diffrent shades of mold.

I am sure this is a very sad day for us all.
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04:56pm 15/05/2004
mood: sleepy
i am back

i am feeling really lazy so i will write about the trip another time, right now all i want is a nap.
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Paradise Island Here I Come!   
05:15pm 05/05/2004
mood: excited
So I am off to Dallas to finish the preparations for the trip.

I leave on Friday for the Bahamas; ive packed plenty of sun screen, many a bathing suit and the biggest sunglasses known to man kind.

Farewell Denton, I will raise my frosty alcholic beverage to you as I stare out over the ocean at sunset

Pirate gear to all upon my return!
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Tuesday was a blast   
03:27pm 21/04/2004
mood: mellow
After work I headed down to Dallas and met up with Cindy, Jay, Ben and Elle then we went over to gypsy grabbed a couple tickets for The Brit and myself and walked over to July Alley for a few pre show drinks. Around ten we went back over to gypsy to make sure that we did not miss any of The Rapture and to meet up with Steve and The Brit. The show was amazing, you would never guess by looking at theses guys that they could be so fucking good. I drank a lot, smoked a lot, danced a lot, and spent basically the rest of the night with The Brit, cute pictures were taken so I am pretty happy.

Going back to Dallas over the weekend for a video shoot with The Feds and for The Brit.

I see a disco nap in the very near future
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holy fucking hair batman   
02:53pm 27/03/2004
mood: mellow
an insane amount of hair hurts my head but looks really nifty swinging about.

i'll get used to it.
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bye bye   
06:22am 06/03/2004
mood: ecstatic
off to portland i go

have fun

bye bye
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just a few updates   
12:44pm 03/03/2004
mood: excited
SATURDAY - went to dallas with amanda, cody, chris and ashley. university scooters was our first stop, it drove me insane looking at all the pretty scooters than i can't have. Amanda is trying to convince me to get a vespa instead of a new car but i think that having a vespa in portland is most likely not a good idea so i think i am going to go for a hybrid right now and a vespa later on. after vespa gazing we ate yummy hummus and falafel, it was seriously the best i have ever had. vintage shopping at lula bees, rag wear and metro retro came after food, i found a super cute sweater, a really odd jacket that i don't think that i will ever wear and a killer wig box that i plan on taking to portland on saturday as my luggage. after dallas amanda and i went over to lous for a bit and met up with albert (really nice guy that i met on myspace) then we all headed to the mission giants show at the gloves. i loved mission giants, there style is right up my alley so i had a great time. oh oh oh there was this really creepy drunk guy at the show and i swear to god that he looked exactly like McCauley kulkin, and he kept touching me and getting really close to my face so i started poking his nose which he did not even notice, i really wanted him to do the home alone screamy face.

SUNDAY - stayed at home. found out i got the job!!

MONDAY - stayed at home getting ready for portland

TUESDAY/YESTERDAY - started off the day doing a bunch of errands, i did get my passport photos taken care of which of course look horrid. stopped by drug emporium/healthy foods to say hi to candace, ladonna, amanda, and chris and thank candace for the job. went home and did some chores and bummed around for a bit then went up to haileys to hear jeremy and meet up with kris, eddie and coleman. kris was trashed and trying to salsa which did not work out to well, i tried to teach him but i think the alcohol had full control at that point. colman was dancing like a robot and it made me laugh lots. eddie and i found a half full bottle of wine on the table and decided it was good idea to drink it, it had to have been the worst wine ever made, but it did help the drunk.

TODAY - i have to finish all the last little details before i go into dallas in the morning. i still have laundry, litter box, finish packing, pay the bills, vacuum, and take out the trash. so yeah i need to go

i leave for portland on saturday!!! YAY PORTLAND!!!!
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i be missin my man   
12:17pm 14/02/2004
mood: loved
snow on valentines day, how very jonathan and portland, i think i may go sit in a corner and pout until i get to see my boyfriend again.
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Holy mother of meat   
02:45pm 12/02/2004
mood: amused
I was at the market today and this guy in an indiana jones hat was seriously buying the most meat I had ever seen

26 steaks
22 packs of bacon
12 slabs of ribs
12 packs of pork chops
12 bags of chicken breasts
7 turkeys
2 racks of lamb

Who the fuck needs all of that fucking meat!

Other things this man was purchasing include...34 fucking boxes of corn bread mix.

See this is why I need a camera phone, I would have asked him to pose with all his meat.
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unfucking believable   
03:24am 08/02/2004
mood: irritated
The drama that surrounds me is incredible

just a tip, next time you are having some stupid dramatic shit go on keep me the fuck out of it.

I have had enough pathetic "whoa is me" boys and jealous self absorbed head case chicks to last a life time.
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01:23pm 04/12/2003
  i get new specs and peepers today, i am a very very happy girl!

happy holidays to me.
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WOO HOO!!   
01:40pm 26/09/2003
mood: ecstatic
Its off to Austin for Sarah, Brandy and myself, see you all when i get back.
02:09pm 12/09/2003
  I think I might cry  
Last Night   
05:07pm 04/09/2003
mood: pleased
Super sexy twins
Rad 70's chairs
Leopard print

Best night in years!
Way too Hott for Amarillo   
01:50pm 04/09/2003
mood: amused

I love my Kelley and my Kelley loves me!
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bye bye   
06:22pm 19/08/2003
mood: indescribable
Jeremy and I leave for Amarillo in the morning and I have still not packed anything for the trip. I am really excited about seeing Kelley and getting to meet all these people I have heard about for ages. The show on Thursday should be a lot of fun; I can't wait to see Jeremy bouncing around on stage. I guess I should go start packing, take care of Denton, see you all soon.